“Indie-pop burdened with glorious purpose” Redemption Arc are writing quirky, catchy songs, with clever Christ-focused lyrics. Antidepressants with no side effects. They’ll lift your eyes off yourself and onto the love, freedom, and victory, found in His finished work. Citing pop artists like Lana, Regina, & Taylor, as musical influences, Becca (Vocalist) and Clements (Guitarist & Producer) know who they are in Christ, and share the good news to a good beat.

Becca Hopkins was a 20 year old singer when she packed a suitcase and left her old Kentucky home to move to Belfast. She’d met Clements on a mission trip a few years earlier. It was love. Surprise visits, long-distance calls, and even a High School Prom… The Atlantic Ocean could only separate them for so long.

They got married and formed Decomposing In Paris - a Père Lachaise inspired trip hop trio... Critics loved it. That resulted in National airplay, tours, festivals, and enviable press quotes. They even established a successful School of Music. There was a problem though…

Once they had encountered the good news of God’s unmerited favour, a fire was lit that spread into every area of their lives. As songwriters who wrote from the heart, they started to find their passion was outside the scope of what their band could represent.

Having grasped a revelation of The New Covenant of Grace… old wineskins could no longer contain it. So they started leading the worship team at a local church, ran groups, events, started a choir… and built community. It was not an easy road (see the poem below), a lot of life experience goes into these songs… they’ve also seen miracles of God’s provision, protection, restoration, & healing along the way. Having experienced God’s love, power, and seen the miraculous; it’s not music alone that motives them. It’s not politics, religion, or the appearance of success either. Their hearts are for Jesus.

In 2021, Redemption Arc released Rest In You - a 4 track debut EP of worship songs, which is available now on all major digital music stores and streaming services. 

In 2022, Redemption Arc returned with a more personal pop sound to festival stages, online gigs, and community outreach projects. "I'm Royalty" was released in October, and Appalachian Folk Carol, "Wonder As I Wander" followed before Christmas.

2023 started with a short US tour. Although it was interrupted by Becca and Clements' daughter being hospitalized, they had a chance to return to the church Becca grew up in and to share some songs and testimony. They also called in with CCM Magazine to record a fully stripped back live version of “I'm Royalty”.

Beginning with “The Purple Song” on the 17th of May 2024, Redemption Arc are releasing a series of singles with financial support from The Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the National Lottery, working in partnership with Ministry of Music, and sharing what God has done in their lives. So keep an eye on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram etc. ...and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter. 



Redemption Arc - Band Biography (a Poem) 

What if my story doesn’t fit the hero’s journey?  

What if no mentor ever felt that I was worthy? 

What if all the help I got was trying to help themselves? 

What’s a little libel, assault, & gaslighting between friends? 

Should I talk about the murder or the manslaughter? 

Should I talk about miscarriage, or my little heart warrior? 

This isn’t a pity party, I’m just not the hero of my story. 

To Him be all the glory…