Spotify & Bloopers

Welcome to the purple page. Here you'll be able to listen to The Purple Song on Spotify, find the song credits, take in a Lyric Video, and sit down with Becca for a series of short devotionals.

Then there's an epic bloopers reel from the announcement video staring Becca & Ziggy.

Purple Devotionals with Becca

Why are we “purple”?

In these 5 short videos you can sit down with Becca as she shares the song's concept, and the scriptures that bring so much freedom. 

Credits & Lyric Video

Music & Lyrics: Hopkins & Clements

Vocals: Becca Hopkins

Production: Clements

Mixed: Aidan Cunningham

Mastered: John Greenham

Label: Faith Comes By Hearing Records

Distribution: Wings Access

Release Date: 17/05/2025



Still Small Voice - Song Spotlight

Song Spotlight and Artist Introduction from Billy Praise Adesola

Read it here, and then check out more great bands. Billy has a talent for finding diamonds in the rough, and his SubStack is one of the best around :)